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Our 7-layer stretch films with premium quality
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Industrial stretch

Applications of machine industrial stretch:

Food industry


Tile, ceramic, brick and cement block industry (currently, polyethylene covers are also used)

Palletizing parts and industrial products, Airports And …

Food stretch

Applications of food stretch:

Suitable for home use

Packaging of fresh meat


Airlines, hotels Fruit shops

And …

Stretch silage

Very high flexibility and elasticity
Easy handling and storage of fodder packages
Protection against UV rays
Available in thicknesses of 25 and 30 microns

The codes related to the stretch sillage films that are currently produced in the Noghre Fam Poush Company include:
SHW High Power
SNW Normal Power


NOGHRE FAM POUSH Collection, relying on the most up-to-date technologies in the world, will be able to produce stretch film without cardboard bobbins, which is the first time this technology is offered in Iran.
All the stretch rolls of Noghre Fam Poush company have the ability to be supplied as coreless and without cardboard bobbins.


Another technology of Mojtaba is offering pre-stretched products. In this technology, the stretch film will be stretched several times by the machine, so that less force will be needed for stretching during use. All the stretch rolls of Noghre Fam Poush company have the ability to be pre-stretched. This process reduces the cost of packaging due to the use of less than 50% compared to standard stretch films.

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